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Preventative Dentistry

Keep your teeth healthy and avoid developing dental problems in the future by getting regular cleanings. Learn more...

Restorative Dentistry

Repair damaged or missing teeth with state of the art dental implants, crowns, and bridges. Learn more...

Cosmetic Dentistry

Keep those pearly whites pearly with the latest Zoom2! advanced whitening technology. Adult ortho treatment available with Invisalign. Learn more...



We will carefully listen to your concerns and dental needs here at Apex Dental. With over 15 years of dental experience, Dr. Shah will ensure that you are happy with your smile.



Our office comes equipped with state of the art technology to keep you comfortable during your visit! Each chair comes with an overhead monitor and noise cancelling headphones. Ask us about our movie selection!

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Art of Dentistry

Art of Dentistry.

Oral health is essential to general health and well-being. We operate with a comprehensive approach to general health and emphasize how superior dental care can improve your overall wellness!