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Sometimes, a cavity is too big to support a filling, but not quite big enough to support a crown. An onlay is a special type of filling that is molded to the shape of your tooth. They fit perfectly over your tooth to fill the cavity and cover the biting surface. One major benefit to onlays is that it is less damaging to the tooth than crowns. To make an onlay, Dr. Shah will first clean out the cavity and removes any diseased areas of the tooth. They she will take a mold of your teeth and send it to a lab, where a custom onlay will be made. On the second appointment, this onlay will be adjusted and fit to the teeth with bonding.


The procedure to create an inlay is quite similar to an onlay. Inlays are custom fabricated from high-quality professional grade resin, and fit inside the cusp of a tooth. The inlay permanently adheres to a cleaned tooth for a lasting dental restoration.