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We offer many different types of fillings here at Apex Dental.

The first kind is called a composite filling. These are tooth colored fillings that are quite durable and provide good resistance to fracture. They are typically used for small to medium sized cavities and are popular due to their tooth-like color. Composite fillings are useful for both front and back teeth.

Another type of filling is called glass ionomer. These are used mostly for kids; the material is not quite as strong and will not last as long as other fillings. These are also tooth colored and are good at stopping decay in teeth due to the fluoride they contain.

In the past, gold and other precious metals were used for fillings. In modern dentistry these are not very common anymore.

Fillings are a very common and simple procedure. The steps are as follows:

  1. Dr. Shah will numb the area surrounding the affected tooth using a local anesthetic.
  2. Using a drill, the decayed area will be removed.
  3. The cavity will be cleaned of any bacteria before the filling is put into place.
  4. The filling is put into place and hardened with an ultraviolet light.
  5. The filling will be shaped and polished to fit the tooth.