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Family Denstistry

Apex Dental proudly serves the whole family! Dental care is essential to good health, and we want to ensure that you and the members of your family receive excellent treatment on a timely basis!

From the time we are born until the time we are elderly, everyone needs to keep up on their dental health. Because the mouth comes into contact with bacteria and foods that promote decay every day, you need to keep an eye on the health of your teeth, gums, and other areas of the mouth. When you come to Apex Dental in Folsom, we can help you do that.

General Dental Services

Though you probably only think of the dentist as a person who performs your regular cleanings, Dr. Shah and her dental assistants do so much more than that. We make the following services available to you when necessary:

  • Dental exams
  • Gum exams
  • Cavity exams
  • Jaw exams
  • Deep cleanings
  • Tooth polishes

Every time you come in to have your teeth cleaned, we’ll give them the royal treatment. With professional dental hygienists and the best in dental tools, your teeth will feel cleaner than ever before!


We are sensitive to the fact that many kids (and some adults) are terrified of the dentist. Though the fear is most likely ill-founded, we won’t make light of their personal perceptions. Instead, we’ll do everything we can to make them comfortable and make the experience fun so they want to come back once we’re finished. Whether you need to schedule an exam or just receive your next cleaning, you can call our office at (916) 817-8900!